15 Companies That Once Dominated Their Industries But Couldn’t Keep Up — What Went Wrong?

Cristianto Rian Tarra
3 min readMar 3
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These are all well-known companies that at one point were leaders in their respective industries but failed to keep up with the changing times and trends, resulting in their decline and in some cases, bankruptcy. Here’s a brief overview of what went wrong with each company:

  1. Nokia — Failed to adapt to the rise of the smartphone and the dominance of Apple and Samsung in the market.
  2. Blackberry — Failed to innovate and keep up with the competition in the smartphone market, particularly with the advent of touchscreens and app stores.
  3. Yahoo — Failed to capitalize on the rise of search and online advertising, and was unable to compete with Google’s dominance.
  4. Kodak — Failed to transition from film to digital photography, despite being an early pioneer in digital cameras.
  5. Atari — Focused too much on gaming consoles and failed to keep up with new gaming trends like arcade games and personal computers. Atari also released too many low-quality gaming consoles, leading to a loss of consumer trust.
  6. AOL — Was late to adopt broadband internet and failed to offer new features like web search and free email, which its competitors like Google and Yahoo offered.
  7. Polaroid — Was slow to adopt digital technology, which ultimately made it lose ground to faster and more innovative competitors like Sony and Canon.
  8. Xerox — Did not fully utilize its own technology innovations, particularly its graphical user interface (GUI) technology, which was later patented by Apple and Microsoft. Xerox was also slow to adopt digital trends and failed to keep up with competitors like HP and Canon.
  9. General Motors — Failed to maintain innovation and became too focused on producing the same cars under different brands. GM also failed to keep up with trends towards eco-friendly and electric cars, resulting in decreased sales and revenue.
  10. Motorola — Was slow to adapt to the trend towards smartphones with operating systems like iOS and Android. Motorola also failed to expand its product portfolio and continued to rely on its outdated Razr series.
  11. IBM — Failed to…
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