Is it good for your startup to always participate in pitching competitions?

But there is nothing wrong if you make one of your company strategies is to win the pitching competition. That is your right for your company, of course, no one can manage you. You are the boss.

Working and trying every day to complete the mission and achieve the company’s vision, correct mistakes, do good planning, hire the best people, be responsible and focus is a good way to build your company. Because there is no easy way to success.

Winning the competition is amazing, right? Getting publications from many media makes us feel very happy. But unfortunately if because of this you will feel satisfied quickly, because you feel you are the winner on stage. You managed to conquer the stage and amaze everyone who doesn’t even use your product.

Without you realizing that your competitors are competing with you significantly in the business world not only on stage. Or even they are making all the potential users of your product amazed by their products without you knowing. So, becoming a winner on the stage and in the hearts of your potential users is something that you must fully account for.



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