The Lion: Possessing a Resilient Winner’s Mentality

Cristianto Rian Tarra
3 min readMay 29
Photo by Laura Seaman on Unsplash

The lion has long been regarded as the king and ruler of the jungle. However, when it comes to strength, speed, and intelligence, why is the lion considered the best? Are there clear reasons behind this?

Looking into the animal kingdom, it is easy to identify other creatures that are stronger, faster, and smarter than the lion. For instance, the elephant, with its large body size and tremendous physical strength, unquestionably ranks among the strongest animals in the jungle. The lion cannot claim to be the fastest either, as there are many other animals, such as the cheetah, that can run at astonishing speeds.

So, what sets the lion apart and earns it the title of the jungle’s ruler? The answer lies in its unique mentality. The lion possesses complete control over its territory and exhibits fearlessness in the face of any challenge. It is this mentality that instills profound fear in others, even in the mightiest of animals.

Fearlessness is the differentiating factor for lions compared to other animals. Lions do not surrender easily, even when surrounded by adversaries. They persistently fight with unwavering determination and vigor. The lion possesses extraordinary courage and remains undeterred by the obstacles encountered in its life.

This bravery extends to us as humans as well. By embracing the lion’s mentality, we can conquer fear in our own lives. Regardless of the magnitude of disappointment, hardship, failure, or debt that may befall us, we will continue to strive with unwavering enthusiasm and bravery.

With a lion’s mentality, we relentlessly pursue our goals and refuse to be victimized by circumstances. As true hunters, we realize that ourselves and our families need sustenance. We acknowledge and are prepared to endure exhaustion and wounds to survive. The lion’s mentality symbolizes a genuine hunter and a fierce warrior, driven by an ardent spirit, rather than merely craving the spoils of the hunt.

This lion’s mentality also involves persistence in reaching targets. We do not approach tasks with a sense of urgency based on time, but rather with relentless determination to achieve our objectives. Regardless of our current profession or the targets we aim to accomplish, we ingrain the lion’s…

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